Birth & Family Medical Support

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Ashley Hartman Annis

Fertility Awareness Educator

Ashley (she / her / hers) is a fertility awareness educator (certified through The Association of Fertility Awareness Professionals) and a full-spectrum pregnancy companion (ie: birth & abortion & miscarriage doula). She has been teaching classes on menstrual cycle charting for birth control & conception since 2013 and started full-spectrum pregnancy work in 2018.


Ashley believes that everyone — regardless of sex, gender, relationship status, age, ability, race, economic situation, educational background, political beliefs, or religious beliefs — deserves comprehensive, informed, un-biased, non-judgmental, culturally-competent, empowering education and support around sex, sexuality, reproduction, birth control, and desire. Ashley is honored to offer education on the fertility awareness method and support for all outcomes of pregnancy, but does not judge anyone for their choices or their needs around sexuality, family planning, and birth control.

Leila Midelfort, MD

Family Medicine Physician

Leila is a family medicine physician at Wildwood Family Clinic here in Madison. She provides obstetrical care delivering her own patients at St. Mary's and Meriter hospital. Leila also provides care to whole families including newborns and does a lot of breastfeeding support along with postpartum mental health support. 

Noel Fernandez


Noel is a WI licensed, certified professional Midwife, and mama to 4 wonderful, unique kiddos. She felt called to midwifery through her own experiences of pregnancy, birth, and early parenting.

Noel is a fierce advocate for individualized, family-centered care and true informed decision making. She is deeply committed to helping all families feel supported and respected during their pregnancy and parenting journeys.