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Jackie Cook Popins

Jackie Cook

Popins is on a mission to help new families thrive through confidence-building experiences. They support the health and well-being of families with a new baby, empowering parents with practical approaches to navigate the unique challenges of postnatal life. 

Popins’s Professional Parent Series helps parents prepare their jobs for family leave and navigate a balanced return to work. Over the first critical days home with a baby, In-Home Services clients receive holistic support that monitors mother's recovery, coaches parents’ confident baby care, and tailors community referrals. Grandma Camp coaches current baby care for extended family members helping out.


Founder Jackie Cook is mom to two awesome kids who provide great joy, amazement, and exasperation. Her oldest was born in the Netherlands where every woman has a right to standard postnatal care, and her youngest was born here in Madison. These contrasting experiences, along with countless stories from new moms inspired the creation of Popins. Jackie believes people want to be the best version of themselves at work and at home, for themselves, their colleagues, and their loved ones, and is excited to help you and your family thrive. 

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