Juelaine Druckrey, OTR/L

Occupational Therapist

Juelaine is a graduate of UW-Madison and has been an occupational therapist in Madison since 1984. She has specialized in pediatrics for 26 years, working with families in local Early Intervention programs, hospitals, and the NICU setting.


Juelaine is dedicated to working with families and children. She currently works as a neonatal developmental therapist, using parent instruction in massage as one of her primary tools for strengthening the caregiver-child bond, and enhancing each child’s well-being. Those who know Juelaine often refer to her as “the baby whisperer“ because of her affinity for infants and her ability to soothe them. Juelaine’s passion is for helping parents build their comfort and confidence as caregivers which enhances all aspects of their child’s development.