Megan Mercier

Certified Classical Homeopath

Megan is a homeopath and owner of Freedom Homeopathy in Madison, WI, as well as a writer, speaker, domestic violence advocate and mom of two little girls. She works with people of all ages, but she particularly loves working with women during and after pregnancy and working with families. She also works with infants experiencing feeding issues, colic, failure to thrive, or sleep problems; as well as with children struggling with strong emotions such as fear, grief or aggression.


Homeopathy can address a great spectrum of longstanding symptoms as well as acute, short-term illnesses. Megan practices by looking at all of the symptoms a person experiences — physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual — and addressing them all together. She selects a natural remedy based on each person’s individual symptom picture with the goal of strengthening their vitality and guiding the body in healing itself from the inside out. 


Megan practices on the west side of Madison, and also sees clients remotely and in certain instances can do in-home visits. She offers a sliding scale for low-income clients and a discounted rate for families working with DAIS. Feel free to email her with questions or to set up a free fifteen minute informational phone call.