Beth Skogen​

Beth Skogen Photography​


Beth Skogen Photography is located in Madison, WI and specializes in documentary and family photography, portraits, interiors and birth photography. As a lifestyle photographer, she uses available light to capture—or document—life. The images she takes reflect life as it happens. There aren’t painted backdrops or poses, just people in natural surroundings. She’s found that this is the best way to capture genuine emotion, and thereby, the best photograph.

Catherine Hilcove

Birth & Family Photographer ​

Catherine is a birth and family photographer and a mom to two little girls. Her focus is on telling families' perfectly imperfect stories through images with a goal of preserving and celebrating each family's legacy. She employs a documentary or storytelling approach to photography and aims to provide each family with whom she works a way to remember just what those important moments in life felt like. She works with families from all ages and stages and life, but is particularly interested in helping clients preserve the memories of childbirth and early infancy and childhood in order to celebrate the beauty of that fleeting and magical moment in life. You can find out more about her and what she offers here.