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Registration is OPEN for our Third-Annual Women's Wellness Retreat

April 17-19, 2020 in Green Lake, WI

This three-day event takes place yearly at the beautiful and serene Green Lake Conference Center on the shores of Green Lake. It is an opportunity for women who have experienced or are currently experiencing perinatal mood and anxiety disorders - such as postpartum depression and postpartum anxiety - to gather for a weekend of community support and strength, opportunities for self care, and space to take a deep breath away from daily life.


Attendees have the chance to participate in specialized workshops and activities designed to help further strengthen and empower them in their journeys of motherhood.


This is a moms-only, kid-free event. 

The facilitators of this retreat are peer-support volunteers and are unable to provide support or treatment for those in crisis. If you are unsure if this retreat is right for you, please reach out to your mental health provider prior to registering.


2020 Workshop Information COMING SOON! 


2019 Workshop Information:


Loving Yourself as a Mom (guided meditation and journaling) facilitated by Lynn Peyton


As we become moms, the inner voices of self-doubt and criticism can become really strong.  It can be helpful for moms to tune into feelings of love and compassion for themselves. When we learn to truly love ourselves we can become happier and have more to give to the people around us.  In this meditation we will explore a few methods of finding that love for yourself. You will also get a companion workbook to continue to uncover and reinforce those feelings of love.


Birth Story Medicine facilitated by Ann Jamison, MFT


Sometimes our birth experiences don’t go according to our plans and dreams. When this happens, our emotions can run the gamut of confusion, anger, and loss. In this session, we will work to create a sacred and supportive space where you can share as much or as little of your birth story as you want. We will then process our stories with journaling and re-narration. All materials will be provided.

What past attendees had to say about the retreat: 

"THANK YOU to Kat, Jen & Catherine. You set a lovely tone right away for the weekend & it played out beautifully. Being taken care of, pampered, the relaxing coloring, yarn activities, etc were perfect. I LOVED EVERYTHING."

"I registered because I needed to try something. I am struggling and don't really know where to turn. Now, I feel like I have a direction."


"[Before the retreat I felt] anxious, [by the end I felt] relaxed, empowered."

"Thank you, thank you, thank you for putting this together! It was a great experience."

"I needed a 'personal reset' and a chance to give myself space away from my family. I felt very relaxed at the retreat and need to work on translating that back to post-retreat interactions."

"Thank you so much! I’m immensely grateful and plan to do it again next year! ❤️"

"[Before the retreat I felt] stressed, [by the end I felt] calm, but not ready to go home yet.☺️"

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