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Madison Area Pregnancy & Postpartum Collective Members

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About Us:

The Madison Area Pregnancy & Postpartum Collective is a group of independent providers who offer a variety of professional services to families in the greater-Madison, WI area, with a common goal of increasing visibility of perinatal service options, as well as sharing knowledge across postpartum care providers in order to better serve families in our community. Our members provide support for families welcoming an infant or young child into their home, during pregnancy, and through the extended postpartum period.

While our members currently offer a variety of perinatal services, we recognize that as a group of primarily white cis-gender women we do not reflect the racial and gender diversity of the Madison community. 


Looking forward, we are working to have the Madison Postpartum Collective more accurately reflect the diversity in the Madison community. We are committed to being accessible to all perinatal providers who share our mission of providing support for families during pregnancy and adoption, through time after pregnancy regardless of pregnancy outcome.


As a step, we seek to understand causes of differing/unequal perinatal experiences based on race, sexual orientation, gender identity, or economic means. We believe that to understand these causes, we must show up - to participate in and share information about community events serving families in the Madison area, in addition to listening to and sharing the experiences of the clients our businesses serve. 


To share a community event or to get involved with MPC, please contact us at  

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