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Eric Kurzinski, D.C.

Eric Kurzinski, D.C.

Dr. Eric Kurzinski has been a chiropractor since 2015 and opened ADIO Chiropractic in 2017. Dr. Eric’s vision for ADIO Chiropractic is to empower moms + dads when it comes to their family’s health. Our care is focused on the nervous system and helping to optimize our God-given potential to heal and adapt the way that it was meant too. Care is catered to everyone based on what that person needs. We provide care for kids, moms + the whole family. We also specialize in caring for pregnant moms and utilize Webster technique, which focuses on the pelvic region particularly. 

ADIO Chiropractic is located in Middleton.
(608) 824-0950
1001 N Gammon Rd Suite 4
Middleton WI 53562

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