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Kull Counseling, LLC
720 Hill Street
Madison, WI 53705

Julie C Kull, MSW, LCSW


Julie C. Kull is a licensed psychotherapist in Madison, WI with more than 10 years experience providing psychotherapy. She is passionate about working with women dealing with infertility, pre/post natal anxiety and pregnancy loss. 


Julie's approach is collaborative. She finds that so many women come to her feeling a lack of control in their lives. She wants you to feel like you have control over your therapy process. Her approach is strengths based and holistic. She uses a combination of cognitive behavioral therapy while also focusing on the mind/body connection.


Julie can provide in person therapy or online counseling.  She also runs a free monthly miscarriage support group in Madison, WI. You can find more details about the miscarriage support group here

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