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7818 Big Sky Dr, Suite 210
Madison, WI  53719

Lynn Peyton, LCSW

Psychotherapy to support your body and your mind.


Lynn provides holistic mind-body counseling services to support people in feeling better physically and emotionally. The body and mind are deeply connected and through therapy you can access this connection to help you feel better. Lynn helps people through a strengths perspective – focusing on what is working in their lives and their personal strengths to get through the more challenging times. She believes that everyone has the ability to help themselves heal emotionally and physically and through that journey they can often make changes that can make life even better than before.


The pregnancy and postpartum period is a time of profound emotional and physical change for women. Some of the issues Lynn helps women with emotionally during this time include: infertility, healing from a difficult delivery or c-section, coping with physical changes, coping with chronic illness as a new mom, breastfeeding difficulties, stress management, pregnancy and infant loss, and postpartum anxiety. Lynn is happy to be part of this collective and their work in bringing quality care and attention to the postpartum period.


Lynn offers a free phone consultation to determine if therapy is right for you and if she is the best person for your needs. She offers flexible payment plans and scheduling, including phone and video therapy, and in-home or hospital visits with a referral.

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