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Sarah Byer, MA, LPCIT

Licensed Professional Counselor in training

Psychotherapy & support for individuals, couples & parents.


Everyone is met with challenges, change and growth at different times in life.  At any stage, having additional support can make those times easier. Sarah believes that therapy is a place to learn more about ourselves in order to become our best selves. She encourages you to bring your strengths, fears, hopes, and even the unexpected to therapy ... a place that is full of compassion and support in a non-judgmental and safe environment. 


Sarah has her Master's degree in counseling and is now working toward completing her licensing hours. She has a background in early childhood, has worked as a postpartum doula and has her own teenage daughter at home.  She is passionate about supporting parents at any point in their journey, whether they have a newborn, toddler or teen.  Babies in arms are always welcome in therapy sessions.  


Sarah is interested in working with adults open to therapy and its process. Please contact her directly at 608.345.7611 or to schedule an appointment or phone consultation. She looks forward to working with you. 

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